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Hard Part Turning vs Grinding

Hard Part turning is often hailed as being a replacement for grinding.

What's the truth behind?

Our Experts On Hard Part Turning

Hard Part Turning is a fantastic alternative to Cylindrical grinding, and for the right component can have some great advantages.

Here's an overview on the process, what it can be used for and its advantages and disadvantages.

Hard Part Turning: Using Coolant

One of the selling points of Hard Part Turning is often that you won't have to use any coolant,

and yet considering the speed and heat being generated can this really be best practice?

Sub-Contract not Sub-Service

Alongside our grinding and coting offering, B&B also offer full sub-contract machining services.

Take a look at how we can help.

Is there such thing as Precision Engineering ?

A quick search on Google and you’ll soon be tripping over engineering companies with precision in the title.

It goes without saying that the very nature of engineering means that work needs to be precise.

After all you can’t imagine employing someone to build a bridge using vague measurements.

So what sets one engineer apart from another?

Hard Part Turning: Soft State Prep

To begin, it's always important to make sure your parts are actually suited to Hard Part Turning.

We've found that size and geometry do play a big role in the outcome of a finish and would advise

that parts need to have a small length-to-diameter (L/D) ratio of no more than 4:1.

5 Reasons to Sub-Contract

In what situations does it make more business sense to hire a sub-contractor?

Our New Year’s Resolutions

B&B Grinding have made a fresh committment to providing high levels of service in 2017. Here are our New Year's Resolutions.

We're featured in Industrial Process News

Our NEW Grinder Arrives!

We have just installed our new Tschudin TL155U Universal Grinder

Our Relationship With Customers

It's valentines day and we've been thinking about our relationships with customers.

B&B always look to develop long term relationships with our clients whether big or small.

Too Broad application to save Hard Chrome

The current application for continued use of Hard Chrome has been described as 'too broad' by the ECHA.

More than Machining

B&B Preciison offer a complete service which enables us to machine, coat and grind your component.

The Problem with Brand Names

We've noticed a number of Branded Coatings for High wear applications.

Repair & Rebuild Worn Components

As an additive process, HVOF is perfect for the repair of parts worn to wear, erosion and corrosion.

Improving our lead times

B&B Precision are proactively working to ensure timely delivery of parts

Advantages of High Speed Machining

The idea of producing parts more quickly and therefore more cost effectively is appealing to many manufacturing companies, but the reality is that there is more to it than just a combination of the right tools and higher speeds.

Dis-advantages of High Speed Machining

High speed machining offers more parts, more quickly, meaning less cost. It’s certainly an attractive process to most manufacturers but is not without some challenges.

High Wear? High Corrosion? What Coating?

Which coating option is right for components that must perform in environments with high levels of wear, heat and corrosion?

Bright Future For British Manufacturing

B&B Precision are proud to fly the flag as a British manufacturer thriving in the current climate, but we see core challenges that must be addressed today in order to secure tomorrow.

Securing Tomorrow

It often seems in manufacturing that we go through periods of boom and bust, but this a trend B&B Precision have bucked. We have built steadily over the last seven years and are putting forward are plans for continued growth.

Trouble Machining In Tungsten?

Tungsten is described as a ‘heavy metal’ due to its hard nature and corrosion resistance properties. It is a very dense metal and is used in a wide variety of industries ranging from radiation shielding to golf clubs. Working with Tungsten represents a challenge in several areas.

Standing Out As A Sub-Contractor

Our MD, Steven Haigh was featured in this month's Business and Industry.

Quality No Issue

Following a recent customer audit, customers have told us that Quality Control is no issue when working with B&B Precision.

Extending Rail Vehicle Part Life

Could Rail Vehicle Parts last longer?

Manufacturers At The Crossroads

Manufacturing seems to be at a cross roads at the moment. Confidence is high in the market and yet growth is fragile.


B&B are offering a free trial to see if HVOF applied coating could be right for your application

What’s Protecting Your Pump?

Any pump application must consider longevity and cost of replacement when it comes to material selection. There are three key areas that need to considered.

New Haas VF6 Machine

B&B are proud to announce that we have expanded our capacity with the addition of a new Haas VF6.

Why OEMs Should Outsource Manufacturing?

What are the benefits for Original Equipment Manufacturers looking to outsource part of their manufacturing function?

Processes Affected by Hexavalent Restrictions

Hexavalent Chromium has long been on the ECHA’s list of annexed substances due to its carcinogenic nature. This year on September 21st further restrictions will come into play and this means manufacturers across the country have had to look for an alternative. So what processes are affected and how are companies reacting?

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