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Our focus is to deliver the highest quality coatings possible - We have invested in the latest manufacturing technology and this is supported by a dedicated quality department that has a fully equiped in-house laboratory and extensive test and measurement equipment.

Quality Assurance 

B&B Grinding Services have our own onsite metallurgical laboratory allowing us to undertake a range of inspection reports and ensure consistency of quality.

Our dedicated Quality Department are able to undertake a wide range of analysis, testing and measurement procedures. By carrying these out in house not only can we ensure that all products are inspected before they are dispatched, but we can do so in quick and efficient manner that won’t affect lead times.

B&B Grinding Services are fully IS 9001 certified and are currently undergoing the AS9100 approval process. All of our manufacturing processes are strictly controlled with detailed instruction and control documentation.

We can undertake a wide variety of bespoke inspection reports which includes: Hardness Testing, Surface Finish Measurements, Microscopic Structure Analysis, Adhension Testing to ASTM C-633 and ASTM D4624. Our equipment includes a wide range of metallurgical equipment as well as a CMM and Shadowgraph.

By having our own dedicated quality tools and department not only can we provide quality assurance for our sub-contract work but can also work on development projects with clients.

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