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Specialist Applications

Specialist Applications

Thermal Sprayed Tungsten Carbide / Laser Applied Carbide Grinding

The team at B & B has developed a specific expertise in the grinding of thermally applied hard coatings. This is achieved through Diamond Grinding using techniques developed internally by the company’s engineers working closely with external suppliers of specialist grinding media. B & B Grinding Services are able to grind Tungsten Carbide, Laser Applied Carbide and Sprayed Carbide coatings.

The willingness of the team to work with new materials is something in which the business takes much pride and this experience enables B & B to support customers in the most challenging applications.

Reclamation Work 

Parts that have become worn during service can in many applications be repaired by ‘re-building’ the areas of the components that have worn using Metal Spraying, Hard Chrome Plating or Re-sleeving and then grinding  these areas back to size.

This is a very cost effective solution, the operation is quick and so can reduce machine time and can also saves on the cost of an expensive replacement.

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